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To be money smart, I try to keep a frugal habit, look for deals in mails, coupons, etc.

So this week there's this promotion, not uncommon, from Santander bank, where if we deposit $20k for 90 days for a new savings account, we'll get $300. And another $300 if we do direct deposit of $5k for 90 days in the checking account. So that means I could make $600 in 90 days. Basically, making $600 in a couple of hours with the time being used for getting the $20k to bank into Santander, having direct deposit made to this bank. With a 90 day patience. Though not a bad deal, but I may skip this. Because, $20k is not that easy to come by and I need to make adjustment to my withholdings/401k to come up with a $5k direct deposit.

There will be other better deals I'm sure. I am already doing the American Express checking for 30k points in 90 days. That would convert to good fly miles.

6/27/2023 From my app Q&A submission with photo via the app (PictureThisAI) on the 2nd attempt at watermelon plant we bought from the nusery (GASKOS) after seeing some plain spots on the leaves after having it for a week or so indoor: Learn the fungicide terms: Propiconazole & Chlorothalonil. Also, they suggested to keep window open (ventilation and avoid pathogenic infections), brighter area.

6/28/2023 The Deep Sea by Neal Agarwal. The site shows what creatures you would find at each depth. It's so good I video taped it scrolling down using ShareX and store the file in my photo/video album.

Recalling what recently angered some especially Malaysians, Singaporean turned American comedian Jocelyn Chia in her standup comedy joked about how lousy Malaysia is. The reason it didn't bother me too much because it's way out of line so much any idiots could catch it. There are some smart comebacks from others, I'm sure. However, looking her up, I do find her take against the Liberals interesting. Such is the Asian influence. I suppose I've been living abroad so long that I need a little dose of where I come from to keep away from Western propaganda and false dichotomy in worldviews. I find this crucial after my last home trip talking with my dad.

AI Tools that are cool out there:

Tome: helps create PPT (Powerpoint presentation)

Parrot AI: Takes a video and turn it into meeting summaries and more.

Magic Eraser: Removes objects from pictures.

IngestAI: Build your own AI knowledge base.

Glasp: Summarize and analyze YouTube video transcripts.

Munch: Turns video into shorter summarized video.

Tango: Helps with documentation writing with screenshots.

PDF GPT: Summarizes PDF books.

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