101 Javascript Must Know

Or basics in programming in general


Read quite a few TLDR articles on programming management lately. One thing I'm sure is that though a senior developer could take on the task of a manager, the vice versa is less true. To even call oneself a software developer (manager or not), it is a shameful thing to not be enthusiastic in the advancement of technicality of programming. There are those who're just in it for the cash and know nothing about programming down to the basics, yet holding developer or developer manager title. This only works for them in big companies and they most likely know it. Getting away with something like this can be considered clever by some, but only in the materialistic sense. Their total living cannot be expected to amount to much. They do not have the meaning of life, not even from secular aspect. Not like the secular enthusiastic programmers. What does this matter, this shows us who we should and should not befriend. Ulterior motives can be good or bad and discernment of this matters.

That said, the above link is for my own refresher course and more.

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