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4/12/2024 A thorough tutorial on Git, Github, etc.

4/10/2024 Anydesk failed to load on Windows XP at NYGC (printer ID Card) because first: clock's out of sync, 2nd, I installed Anydesk so despite uninstallation and fixing the clock, it still wouldn't connect to Anydesk network until I deleted all anydesk files/folders in Appdata (XP: application data in my user folder), thanks to Reddit.

I had to fix the ID printing PC's very outdated Fargo Build-A-Badge program that gave Run-time Error 3001 invalid argument, which was caused by the access mdb database file in the program folder. Good thing I have zipped backup of the program in that machine. Unzipped, replaced the entire folder (renamed old folder).

4/6/2024 Pig kidney transplant on Richard "Rick" Slayman seemed successful. But I'm skeptical. This would be the first, if successful, as past patients have died in this. This also raised all sorts of questions: Are humans and pigs (or any other animal species) compatible physiologically? Would the evolutionists have a say in this matter?

Planning for Monday 4/8's total solar eclipse in Rochester (we're going to stay nights in Ithaca). The cloud cover for that day doesn't look promising enough, hopefully it will change to the better by then:

At least we would still have some scenic waterfalls to see in Ithaca.

4/5/2024 Earthquakes - twice today. This has become no small news, because East Coast quakes are very rare. Of course, this is hardly as bad as Taiwan's Hualien 7.4 Mag. Earthquake on 4/2. First one was 4.8 magnitude at around 10:23:30AM in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Nadia and I both felt it in the living room. I thought it was too large to be a heavy truck roaming through our highway, which does happen and causing a slight shock barely noticeable. Too bad none of my cameras recorded this. I saw trees and the cable poles shaking outside. Then at around 6pm, Nadia felt another quake, which was registered to be around 2 miles NW of Bedminster, NJ, 4.0 magnitude.

USGS registered these two quakes with some 3 minute delay.


Mr. You also reported this earthquake. Also, he mentioned Biden's immigration administration really sucks. This is no longer news. I do wonder how the debate between Biden and Trump would be for presidency. There would be so many issues that Trump could attack Biden on, shaming him to death. Must be exciting. Funny how Mr. You ended with a joke with the news on the Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning was a sign from God's wrath upon New York Democrats' liberal ideology that's ruining the city in immigration and criminals handling.

Rudy at work even surprised me by posting a somewhat "evangelical" message in the group chat:

I thought about reacting positively, but decided not to, after carefully considering the theological implication. In this case, though it's good to be boldly proclaiming Jesus' name, the motive behind this charismatics slogan is generally a self-centered one: "Believe in Jesus", so you get what you desire. etc.

4/4/2024 Raining the past 2-3 days (Tues-Wed), though not heavy rain, but the storm was strong, 25mph at times. This storm seems to be heavily affecting the entire East Coast:

It seemed to be a huge swirl on the radar map, but it's subsiding now:

As predicted, when it rained straight for 3 days, regardless of heaviness, there are usually leaks happening in my office ceiling, as well as the guest room's ceiling. There's also in the basement, at least two concerning spots (the back staircase entrance, under the fuse box). I do not have any idea as to how to fix these as I would still prefer to do this myself. Not enough research done, but I do hope to start with the basement staircase water leak, as there may be an easier solution for that.

Learned from Mr. You that it's not easy to audit rich people's tax return. So basically Biden was lying when he promised to focus tax investigation more on the rich than the poor. Auditing the poor is easy money. The rich can easily fight back. The point of this is: To win, beat someone like Biden (and many others) on this, is as easy as shaming them while promising that you won't be a hypocrite like them yourself. However, this could be a political suicide, as the rich may pocket your salary, unless you are not swayed by money, or that you're rich enough yourself.

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