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Bluetooth Fix on Windows 10

For some strange reason, my bluetooth device on the HP EliteDesk PC at home goes out from time to time (once a month or so). Normal reset won't work. It's the PC and not the connecting devices. Cause known. The … Continue reading

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唐崇荣 精华

I think from time to time, I came across some important soundbites from Stephen Tong and thought I could just remember it on the go. But I think it's important to keep a record of these short clips. Starting today: … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

5/2/2024 This is certainly the fastest way to transplant nursery plants: long handled bulb/plant planter transplanter. 5/1/2024 Printing music with CSS Grid. I love writing music, I love doing this on the computer. Perhaps this is worth learning. The … Continue reading

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Another take on "An unexamined life is not worth living"

Socrates said it. Stephen Tong promoted it, mocking those who think they could live through life without mistakes by doing nothing. I do prefer CL Franklin's quote better. I do not remember exactly which sermon he said it in, but … Continue reading

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Adding URL Shortcut to Home Screen of Android Phone

On my Samsung Galaxy HomeScreen, it used to be easy, go to Chrome, visit that url, go to settings, choose "add to home screen". But now, it seems that some sites have their own "app" version, such that the phone … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 4/21/2024

Sunday School: The Israel of God. I can't help but wondering if the pastor's view was a mixture of Covenantal and dispensational (or remnant shadow of dispensational) theology: as sometimes there seems to be some creeping in of a bilateral … Continue reading

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I think two brothers cheated me at a hawker center - in my Dream

This Morning, I was awaken from a strange dream: I went to this hawker center (in U.S. I think) rather excited because it looks like Penang's hawker center. Two brothers sat at to share my table. I ordered from two … Continue reading

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The Greek Orthodox (Eastern) Church

Since someone at church mentioned that the Eastern church (Orthodox, with capital "O") is closer to "true" Christianity" than Roman Catholicism, which just seems logically odd since the Protestant church came out of the West instead of the East, meaning … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

4/17/2024 That ringing sound in our ears from time to time, seems to be connected to tinnitus. And apparently there's a $4000 cure (sort of) for it, called Lenire. Apparently more of a nuisance for musicians. I would like to … Continue reading

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Onedrive stuck in "processing # changes"

Solution: Reset Onedrive. cmd to Onedrive exe folder, type: onedrive.exe /reset

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