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Historical timeline on Church Councils and Heresies

Here's one good one from google: I'll post more as I find more. The goal is to have a foundational clear view on such history. What each councils tackled, etc. Where did the heresies, creeds, fall in the timeline.

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Reincarnation Testimonies - Luke Ruehlman

A 5 year old boy (Luke) claimed to be a late Pamela, an African descend woman who died in fire. This reminded me of the similar story shared by Dr. Tong: some kid claimed to be someone from Havana in … Continue reading

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Can Any Christians administer baptism, the Bread and the Cup?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because all Christians are priests. Martin Luther expounded on this, according to Dr. Stephen Tong (excerpt in comment). No, if there's an ordained servant of God around.

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Debating a Fundamentalist

A few days ago, I finally sat down with someone (an elder/evangelist) from my previous church, an OPC. The buffet lunch talk went from what's expected to be a couple of hours to a whole 6 hours. Because it's just … Continue reading

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The Creator-Creature Distinction

The closest field that can tackle this is the creative field. Hence the word, creative. Not the logical field. Unfortunately, too many Christians today, under the influence of some prominent philosophical thinkers of the lesser Christian kind, have made use … Continue reading

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2 most abused principles by the Fundamentalists

Lately, about the last 3 years I suppose, I've heard from the American Fundamentalists bringing up somethings that I believe I've learned from Stephen Tong but I'm sure were quite popularly known at the time already: Love the Sinners, hate … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 10/02/2022

I must label a new extension entry to this one as private because there is new names mentioned with children involved. As always, the Sunday School is my favorite part of the pastor's ministry. We are doing Chapter 26 and … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 2022-09-25

Sunday School led by Rodney Duttweiler, missionary to Africa. The usual American style. I don't agree with where he repeated a few times (since dinner) that he followed the African proverb: "A log that floats do not become a crocodile", … Continue reading

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单身神学理想:上帝有叫有些人单身吗?有 (Matthew 19:12). 但那是什么样的人?什么叫为天国的缘故?一定不是那些认为自以为自己可以独立的人,若是要论自立而单身,肯定不是在上帝理想旨意里行的,最多只是在祂怜悯的许可下,不然的话,肯定会在婚姻问题上,离婚率比一般人还要多。这样看来,真正在上帝恩典上赐下做单身为天国的缘故的人,与那些最多在祂怜悯的许可下而单身,像是为天国其实是为己的人,是不难辨别的。

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Geography: Senegal

So because we have Rodney Duttweiller as this week's church mission speaker on Sunday School as well as dinner this Saturday (tomorrow), I figure I'll look up the countries he's supposed to have served in, Senegal and South Africa, before … Continue reading

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