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On Karl Barth

This may be a very long entry. Stephen Tong mentioned Barth long ago. But it has recently peaked my interest because Reformed Forum kept mentioning him. Alex kept seemingly defending him (曾劭愷|論范泰爾對巴特的評價) from the aspect of Van Til & OPC … Continue reading

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Beethoven Met Mozart

First heard of this from Dr. Tong on 1John 5:9 (The testimony of God greater than men): Then I fact checked: 1787, Beethoven did indeed went to see Mozart for tutelage. Beethoven was 17, using Max Franz's recommendation letter to … Continue reading

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Vocab: 桀骜不驯

桀骜不驯是一个汉语成语,读音为jié ào bù xùn,比喻傲慢,性情暴躁不驯顺,不服管教。 出自东汉班固的《汉书·匈奴传》

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Journal of the week

11/1/2023 Passive Income (Indie hackers) projects are fun, creative and motivating. Though I have not done anything about this myself, I've come across many stories about them (indie hackers, one-person startups, personal life's stories). This site learns from successful folks … Continue reading

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Have I Been Squatted URL Website

This is interesting. Came across this TLDR news about a site that can help you detect squatters to your domain. It takes a given domain and tests it against a ton of permutations of possible domain names that look similar … Continue reading

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Had Adam not Sinned...

This is a study on "eschatology precedes soteriology". It tackles questions such as "Did Christ come into the world for us? or we came into the world for Christ," which, as Mark Jones calls the latter, is a form of … Continue reading

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