The Dodo Men in Mexico learning from street chefs. Interesting concept for travelling.

James Webb Space Telescope's first image. The study of star birth.

What to do in Las Vegas suggestion lists (not mine)

Richard Pratt on Van Til, worth a read, haven't read it. Add this under Projects:

It appears that Indonesia's richest business is palm oil. It's exports have surpassed Malaysia's not long ago. I came across this after recent news about their government banning the export of palm oil because of lack of it. But many, Chinese included, rich folks, probably the richest, billionaires in Indonesia are into this palm oil business.

A church should be a role model of theological seminaries in every way. Not the other way around.

I have recently took on the fun activity of doing debates, conversations on Facebook using multiple personalities, i.e. multiple user accounts. Challenging Facebook community, especially the same strangers, from different users, personalities, tones, opposite attitudes, though with the same goal and context. It is both fun and interesting and even educational. It is my 2nd chief goal in Facebook, after the goal of keeping in touch with every old friends I know. This social media technology provides me one of the rare and unique opportunity to study anthropology and human psyche. It's amazing with different attitude under different username, I have complete different outcome with some people (i.e. Lorenzo Heighway...with my alter ego - Darien Lam shhh). This "involuntary" human experimentation is Fun!

Interesting also on when and why we suggest a terminology like compatibilism. Best is when someone's eager to learn, not when someone is closed and only interested to win. For these, there is no need to use terminologies for them to look up on, best is to use simple language to reveal their folly.

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