The age of acountability is a made up word. Not biblical. The Bible touches on age of responsibility (Bar Miztvah), not age of accountability as if there is a time for culpability between conception and infancy. If John the Baptist could leap for joy in the womb, all infants are culpable enough before God's judgment,  original sin aside.

Something learned from debating: When the opponent repeats the same debunked idea without any coherent rebuttal like a broken cassette player, then she/he is basically telling you: Even if you are right, I will still argue against it. There's no need to pursue it further. - A place where there are books on U.S. locals' history. They have a map feature as well.

Came across this valuable resource on Euthanasia. Alternative solution: Palliative care 姑息治疗.

3 reasons for euthanasia:
1. To end patient's suffering and pain
2. Die with dignity
3. A comfort to the family of the patient

Euthanasia is not biblical:
1. Life is from God
2. Human life is divinely sacred
3. Suffering shouldn't replace God
4. Suffering could be profitable (造就人)
5. Euthanasia is a method of killing

This was certainly interesting from my alter-ego on the debate on preaching Gospel with our mouth vs. affirming Gospel with our life. Easier debate, convincing someone that Washer was right. I believe it's in the heart of my interlocutor, whether he truly desires the truth or not, that make the debate easier. Such humility is usually rare, especially when their opponent uses harsher words. Most people would kept on twisting and vindicating themselves to no end. But it doesn't excuse me from not trying enough. Debate or preaching is not just information dissemination, as the pastor and some at my church would put it. I'm not archiving this, too long, but I would end by saying that what I've learned is I've lacked doing evangelism enough to not start with "The Gospel is not about what we do, it's about God's death and sacrifice and resurrection, and therefore hypocrisy on whether we live a Christian life or not is irrelevant - granted we may not even be saved ourselves because of our wicked hypocritical lifestyle."

Today (7/26) I was reminded of Nabeel Qureshi, a Muslim convert Christian Apologist who had passed away. He was the only one I know who's active today in evangelism (or Q&A apologetic works) focusing on Muslims, from a Muslim background. There's not many of those, so it would appear, who's as famous. There are converts to Atheists such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, from Muslim background, who seems to be on the side of Christians, but that is not what would interest me. As far as non-Muslim convert goes, we have David Wood (who converted Nabeel), or whose Muslim background were not certain to me: Christian Prince, Rob Christian, whom I learned Arabic was their first language, these Christian apologist debated lots of Muslims, I don't find their face anywhere online though. Al Fadi who's actually an ex-Muslim, appears to have some serious Christian ministry. But I will keep searching, there has to be some good ones...googling: Christian apologists/apologetic in Arabic. Or the Facebook Group:

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