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Vocabularies: Venture Capitalists vs. Angel Investors

Angel investors uses their on money to invest in something; Venture capitalists (VC) uses other people's (i.e. Angel investors, etc.) money to invest in something. Source: FourWeekMBA

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The Inefficiency of the American Corporate Business Model

"It's not my money" - is a very common phrase I hear in any American influenced businesses. Particularly in the big corporate environment. The employees only care about their salary, commissions. Financial budgeting is not their concerns. So, they would … Continue reading

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Demographics of America

This is a very useful reference tool: Use it for religions, income, politics, etc.

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What's going on Today

On Music:To play like that or high end restaurant pianists, lots of practice and memorizing songs: On Evangelism:As I was beginning to think Byrd's email updates from the church is getting spam-like annoying, I learned this time that our prayers … Continue reading

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Ideas on saving physical Book Stores

I pull this from a note I put in my phone on 2017-06-25. Seeing that many book stores are closing down, and I don't want them to, particularly, Barnes & Nobles. B&N incorporated Starbucks in their stores to save their … Continue reading

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What's New so Far

GameStop, etc. Stocks Short Squeezed yesterday. Here's my take with my limited understanding. It looks a joke in the economics world. The short story is, Stocks like GameStop (video game shops), AMC, BlackBerry, are not doing well in their profits, … Continue reading

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Daily Summary: Is comparing good? Investment vs. Gambling

Fast listened to the last part of the Reformed Forum (Rob & Bob's discussion) podcast: The Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control. It was mentioned that "comparing" is wrong. I disagree. It's good to compare, if the desire is to better … Continue reading

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How Lee Kuan Yew Answered "They took our job" mentality

When I first heard this from a cafeteria manager in OBU, on how foreigners are coming to U.S.A. stealing the citizens' jobs, I was bothered. Then I learned of the right wing vs left wing. Then I understood the basic … Continue reading

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How Stimulus (money printing) dilute values

I guess I'm not the only one saying this, but of course, I was just following tradition. Now I have somewhere to start looking into: BeatTheBush may not give enough illustration and explanation, but I do subscribe to his videos, … Continue reading

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