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Aquarium Update - 1/16/2023

After a few months of certain downloaded light program from the manufacturer site, I believe I picked David Saxby's preset, and maybe overfeeding? from feeder, without caring much of what's going on, not even doing much observation, the tank is … Continue reading

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On Dementia

By now, I've met first hand someone with serious dementia. This is the second person I know directly. The first one was our first landlord, and kind old lady from our former Chinese church. However, this last one, has a … Continue reading

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Hike Mt. Minsi - A Second time

With my limited Delaware Water Gap knowledge, Mt. Minsi is the only few free hiking spots I know. Nadia and I did the hike half way (not reaching the peak of the mount) last year. This time (Saturday 10/22/2022), we … Continue reading

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How to Skin an Alligator

There maybe better previous videos on this by Bob Arrington (DeerMeatforDinner) But this is thus far the one I've thoroughly watched.

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Today (6/10/2022) we installed the heavy 86" LG TV: 86UN9070AUD. I finally put my paranoia that the studs (wooden or something else) wouldn't hold this 100 lbs. TV because they were so easily drilled into. But so far so good, … Continue reading

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Aquarium Status (4/15/2022 1:22PM):

Continued from last entry. Temperature: 77.3FSeneye: 77.558F Salinity: 1.0285 specific gravity pH:HANNA Checker: 7.8 Nitrate:HANNA Checker: 20.6 ppm Phosphate:HANNA Checker: 0.73 ppm Alkalinity:HANNA Checker: 164 ppm = 164 x 0.056 dkH = 9.184 dkH After that, 50+% water change, added … Continue reading

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Aquarium Update (2/15/2022) - Long overdue update with content and water test

It's been a while since I last updated this log. A few creatures have died and new ones were introduced. Here's the thorough log: Prior to water change (Haven't done water change for weeks...maybe 2 Months+, entire Winter and more) … Continue reading

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Cleaning up my desk, came across a small poster about Delaware Water Gap hiking. We did Mt. Minsi last year, it's on Pennsylvania side. Mt. Tammany, the opposite mount across the Delaware River, is on NJ side and probably twice … Continue reading

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Frag Farm

Though on Staten Island, this FragFarm store is the cheapest I've found near me that sells mainly reefs/corals, frags. The only problem is the $11-13 toll for crossing to Staten Island (free from NY to NJ). Depending on how many … Continue reading

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Freshwater Fishing

Perhaps I should try it, with the nearest beach near us being known to be contaminated with Vibriosis. I have a foldable kayak that has not been tried. Time to look up those freshwater fishing spots. But unlike saltwater fishing, … Continue reading

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