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God Created Logic

This discussion has come up for me on Facebook more intensely, against the evidentialists, classical apologists and an atheist. I think this was a default believe for me, probably analogous to Anselm's ontological argument. I believer it was later on … Continue reading

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The Chosen TV Series

I was hoping it to be a good one. But when I saw Jesus was portrayed as a homeless bum, something's off. Then there's this thing with the LDS' involvement. I haven't finished the series, barely touched it. But supposedly … Continue reading

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On researching the 10 lost tribes of Israel (from last Friday's Bible study on 2 Samuel) I stumbled on the fact that there are people who actually believe that the Japanese are descended from the Jews. Though a fringe theory. … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Ecclesiastes

So apparently I missed the last Bible Study which was the last of the series on the Gospel of John. We will be starting the new study series on Ecclesiastes. Bijan Mirtolooi did an hour study at Redeemer once. I … Continue reading

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Quote Against Private Revelation/Charismatic ways

...if their ‘private revelations’ agree with Scripture, they are needless, and if they disagree, they are false. ~ J. I. Packer attributing to John Owen, in Packer's book "A Quest for Godliness Chapter 5 - John Owen on Communication from … Continue reading

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