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The Difference Between Original Sin and Imputed Sin

Thirdmill's Dr. Joseph Nally Jr. answered it very well. This also deals with distinguishing infants' original and imputed sins, against those who said "infants can't be judged by God because they did not sin and that their death is payment … Continue reading

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Israel Tour - If Only...

I may be able to deal with the Malaysian Passport thing, but if only I had the chance, I better start collecting itineraries and information on what and where: This one is taken from Voddie Baucham Ministries Tour, led by … Continue reading

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Chinese Bible Map Online

A good resource for Bible Map study in Chinese: So far the best I've seen.

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Bible Study: Psalm 19

Psa 19:3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. KJVI think there is a big difference in the translation of this verse. The bold texts were added. While the NASB and Chinese Union translations took … Continue reading

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The History of Spain - Isabel I TV Series

In learning Spanish (through, one of the resources is the Spanish TV series Isabel (2011-2014). I was almost lost as to who's who in the first episode until I came across this nice little summary of the era. The … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 2022-07-24

Sunday School - on Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 10 & 20. The pastor kept on focusing against Christian Nationalism, which I agree. But what's missing is the distinction between Christian Nationalism and Christian Influenced Nation. First one is bad, … Continue reading

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The age of acountability is a made up word. Not biblical. The Bible touches on age of responsibility (Bar Miztvah), not age of accountability as if there is a time for culpability between conception and infancy. If John the Baptist … Continue reading

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Preaching by living is no preaching

For our lives are filthy and unworthy. There is no way to preach the Gospel with your life. You can affirm the Gospel with your life, but you cannot preach the Gospel with your life. You can only preach the … Continue reading

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Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine

The Chinese traditional meds that deals with COVID-19. Even noted by U.S. NIH department. Because of that, after Nadia making me to buy 3 packs of this from the herbs store in Chinatown, I had to look up how Chinese … Continue reading

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Dream: After effect of Vacationing with Tom's Family

Last night I dreamed probably still on vacation with Tom's family. But I only remember Tom and Brian. And the only thing left in my memory was my home in Penang, where I tried to change or something in my … Continue reading

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