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Vocabulary: 碰瓷 Staged Crash


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Events of the week

After my dad looped me in on this violinist (Timothy Chooi), I subscribed and learned the name of that piece I've always wanted to remember: Czardas by Vittorio Monti, a fast Hungarian violin piece I first heard back in Penang … Continue reading

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Office 365 and Powershell

Apparently, EXO V3 changes the game in command for signing into Exchange Online. Otherwise, my SP powershell script returns "access denied" when trying to login. So use Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement to upgrade from EXO V2 to V3. Then the O365 command … Continue reading

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Reflection of the Week

11/17 Got Gutter cleaned from same guy Phil. This time he brought a helper. It was windy, around 30-40sF. They came at around 3:30pm. Sun would set around 4:30pm. I was busy with SPG so I couldn't pay much attention … Continue reading

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Microsoft Teams - Ways to tell regular from Work/School version

Source: Regular version: starts with 2. e.g. ""School/Work version: starts with 1. e.g. ""

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Best Explanation so far I came across by Veritasium. Archived in Library drive folder: "Academics\Astronomy\Supernova\What Happens If A Star Explodes Near The Earth.mkv"

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Important Church Piano Workshop by Samuel Ling

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History of Popular Music in China

1917 俄国十月革命:大批俄国(很多犹太人精英)人进入上海,哈尔滨。 1919 五四运动:流行歌曲,西洋古典音乐,爵士乐(Jazz),传入基地:上海。 1930-40s 民国时期:中国流行歌曲紧随美国步伐:白虹,龚秋霞,姚莉,周璇,李香兰 (Japanese?),白光,吴莺音. 但黎锦晖被聂耳(黑天使)批为黄色歌手。Emotional vs. intellectual songs began to be distinguished/criticized. 意识形(ideology)态不同。 1949-1978 中华民共和国建国后,没有流行歌曲=黄色歌曲 (term popularly used during the 60s, 反右文革时代)。Also 流行歌曲 = product of capitalism = American Commercial music. 错乱节拍,庸俗的滑音(Glissando-from Black style),etc.古典音乐没被扫,因为苏联。流行音乐是美国的。和声学(Harmony)以苏联的斯波索宾(Igor Vladimirovich Sposobin)为主。Ideological difference.1961 … Continue reading

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Entry of the week

11/16/22 How view on Prostitution in Japan affect the world. After coming across this youtube video, archived in my Library Documentaries drive:"Documentaries\Japan Culture\Does Japan Really Need Prostitution (Pt.2 Mariten) [ENG CC].mkv" Prostitution is not only about needing money, as shown … Continue reading

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Vocab: Extol

Kathy’s Word of the Week Weekly Brain Food brought to you by our CHRO extol Pronunciation: extol Definition: praise enthusiastically As used in a sentence: Doctors often extol the virtues of eating less fat.

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