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Journal of the Week

To be money smart, I try to keep a frugal habit, look for deals in mails, coupons, etc. So this week there's this promotion, not uncommon, from Santander bank, where if we deposit $20k for 90 days for a new … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 6/25/2023

In Sunday School, on Prayer, when asked "What keeps our prayer faithful or unfaithful?" I thought of this during the Service sermon, that when people use "OMG" Oh my God! it is a form of prayer. Mostly done in vain, … Continue reading

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Job Skills to look into

With lots of 100% fully remote opportunities thanks to COVID19, $130K base compensation salary, etc. Here are some worth looking into for portfolio building: 5+ years Javascript4+ years WebGLPixi.js, Three.js

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On Sunday Service 6/18/2023 regarding CCM

This is the last day I serve as violinist for E's "praise team". I had notified her a week earlier. This was after Nadia's urging, not to wait for Tom, whose view on church music I cherished somewhat because he … Continue reading

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Machen on Bible Reading in Public School

Contrary to many fundamentalist Christians, Machen is opposed to Bible reading in state controlled schools simply because the Bible is not something to be taken lightly. There must be Christian element in the teaching, reading and listening of it, or … Continue reading

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On Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Updated

I have written about this a few times here before, so this is an update. Heavily focused on Stephen Tong's take on it and Deuteronomy 12:4. So this morning, Nadia spoke with me about not leading E. on in the … Continue reading

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Sunday Service 2023-06-11

In the sermon the pastor once again gave the same erroneous/insufficient interpretation of Matthew 7 on "judge not". C: Judge not... = "don't sit on God's throne to judge" Though this is true, but it is not the context of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen

Introduction: Clear-cut definition of terms in religious matters, bold facing of the logical implications of religious views, is by many persons regarded as an impious proceeding. Meaning those who look always for a black and white terminology (i.e. fundamentalists) and … Continue reading

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Is Going Solar Worth it?

There seems to be more and more incentives from the state end federal to encourage homeowners install solar panels on their roofs: Tax credit 30%, Transition Renewable Energy Certificate (TREC), free roof replacement program? Many utility companies even our JCP&L … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Galatians

GCC has started this on Thursdays while Nadia and I were away in Asia. So we came back joining half way, at around chapter 3. We have just about finished with chapter 4 last week. Since I don't have nor … Continue reading

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