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Bible Study on All views of Dispensationalism, Millennialism

I've been contemplating between using an infinite canvas or Excel Spreadsheet to build the illustration. I intend to illustrate at least all 4 major views of the millennial eschatology. With Bible verses supporting each views as detail as possible in … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

2/5/2024 Apparently someone thinks they can make their own 12-month MBA program that's better than any other institutes. I am interested. 2/3/2024 The Tim Keller quote: It's a shocking message: careful obedience to God's law may actually serve as a … Continue reading

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Windows 10+ Search not loading result

Happening for the past few months lately. I had to look for a solution other than rebooting the PC or restarting Windows Explorer. It appears to be some bug in indexing. Solution: Windows Key + R, type command: msdt.exe -ep … Continue reading

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Chinese Hymns

Here I shall collected all Chinese great hymns: 耶和华是爱词:冯永梁 曲: 金培达 轻轻听词:张千玉;曲:陈天赐

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Can a king/president rule/run the country as a faithful Christian?

Stephen Tong would give a resounding YES!!! I remember the pastor of my church GCC claimed that this is not possible. Not sure if he would change his mind or simply agree to otherwise once you state "with God, all … Continue reading

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Paul Washer Owns Steve Lawson

Came across this video on FB, loved it. And my comment: Let me word this as carefully as I can lest itchy hearts try to twist it:It is one thing to be a prima donna on stage or pulpit; … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

1/25/2024 Lumiere is google's AI text to video platform with many more features such as image to video, stylized sample to videos, etc. However, as far as I know, this is still in research stage. It's not marketed to the … Continue reading

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Bible Study: 1 Kings

This is mainly following the Chinese church 湖東基督教會 LECC small group 恩友团契 in Seattle which I remote in every Friday night at 11pm. Since the suggested material used (BSF 2023 Spring - People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided) doesn't start … Continue reading

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Classical Pieces I should at least master

Piano Chopin:Nocturnes, Op.9 No.1 in B Flat Minor No.2 in E flat24 Preludes, Op.28 - 4.Largo in E- Erik Satie:Gymnopédies Domenico Scarlatti: Schumann: Kinderszenen, Op.15, 1.Von fremden Landern und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands and People) 7.Traumerei (Dreaming)Album für die Jugend, … Continue reading

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Learning Hebrew

Both modern and Biblical here. But not sure how I will determine the difference. Duolingo has a crappy (not all are voiced) lesson on Hebrew, but that's the best so far as far as organized free lesson goes. Keyboard Layout:

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