Bible Study on All views of Dispensationalism, Millennialism

I've been contemplating between using an infinite canvas or Excel Spreadsheet to build the illustration. I intend to illustrate at least all 4 major views of the millennial eschatology. With Bible verses supporting each views as detail as possible in this infographics. There are already great illustrations out there, but none of them comes with supporting verses, at least I have yet to see one online. So I shall start one, in order to make it easier to refer to the differences in scriptural interpretation in the future.

From Wikipedia: 4 major views: Premillennialism (Post-tribulational vs. Pre-tribulational/Dispensational), Postmillennialism, Amillennialism.

For easier note-taking, I will build the spreadsheet instead of the infinite canvas. I think I can insert new lines easier in Excel than in some canvas. The excel sheet is shared online and will be built based on the above illustration.

Some key terms:

The already = the present blessings of the kingdom of God
The not yet = the eternal blessings of the consummation
example in debates between optimistic postmillenarians vs. pessimistic amillenarians
Amil.: the postmil. are confused about the already and the not yet.

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Journal of the Week

2/5/2024 Apparently someone thinks they can make their own 12-month MBA program that's better than any other institutes. I am interested.

2/3/2024 The Tim Keller quote: It's a shocking message: careful obedience to God's law may actually serve as a strategy for rebelling against God. The was reposted again recently on FB. I remember when it first came out while Keller was still alive, lots of fundamentalists had problem with it, they even made a caricature of it in the picture of the serpent asking Eve "Did God really say that?" implying Keller as the serpent.

2/2/2024 While cleaning my desk, I came across the 8/27/23 Church Bulletin that I did not logged my notes here. So here it is: GCC sermon by Pastor Chris on Haggai 1:7-11 "Consider The Lord". At some point he remarked that Elon Musk plan to Mars is more curse than blessings. I would comment that it depends on motive, otherwise we would not have airplanes.
During Sunday School, this day seemed to be the one that we discussed the word Temptation and Matt and I found that unlike Chinese or maybe Greek? that English is lacking in sufficient coverage of the word "temptation". In chinese we distinguished 试探 (tempt, bad) vs. 试炼 (test, trial, challenge, good). The Discussion then went on to Christ's Temptation, where the pastor linked Christ's impeccability to God. I would stress here that impeccability only applies to a creature, because it is a creaturely word. So it makes sense to apply it to a God-man, but not God, who is creator and thus impeccability does not nor should be permitted to apply to God. However, because the God-man is impeccable, thus we can say that this is due to the hypostatic union of Christ to His divine nature or person, in one person. I scribbled further but I think it may deserve further research before I fully commit to my scribbling in the bulletin: How temptation and Impeccability/Peccability are connected.

2/1/2024 Came across this news for Mr. You regarding a man suing Bayer for using glyphosate in their product and supposedly the cause of his cancer. He won the case for $2.25 billions, which I think is ridiculous. Only in a liberal's all about individual human right twisted ethic. This drew my interest because glyphosate was mentioned. And it's still a debatable topic whether it's harmful or not to human in this context. Bad interpretation of natural revelation = bad science. Glyphosate is the main keyword I use to look for herbicide. All other active ingredients are a joke. The environmental activists can go suck it. Salt and vinegar have proven effective as well.

An intro to three.js web animations.

Learned that my favored fi-6130dj Fujitsu Scanner doesn't do scanning more than A4 portrait (210 x 297mm), legal (8.5 x 14in.), in terms of paper size: width & length. I suppose most scanners come with such limitations.

Not bad quick 24 pointers from someone 10 years in the Tech world. Some cool quotes:

Forget 5 or 10-year plans. Follow your curiosity and ride the wave. This challenges the principle of sticking to learning something until it is completed, instead of being spontaneous.

You don’t get promoted to take on more responsibility. You take on more responsibility to get promoted.

The best time to apply for a new job is while you still have a good one. This is to ponder upon. I'm guessing this works only in contrast to a disgraced ex-employee when reputation ruined your next job application. So the question is when I'm doing well in a job, are there or how to get better options?

Clear is better than clever. Clever will make you feel smart in the moment and dumb later. Clear will make you feel dumb in the moment and smart later.

A “creative” corporate job won’t scratch your artistic itch. This is good for folks in creative such as Gene. And it's not restricted to the creative field.

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Windows 10+ Search not loading result

Happening for the past few months lately. I had to look for a solution other than rebooting the PC or restarting Windows Explorer. It appears to be some bug in indexing.

Solution: Windows Key + R, type command: msdt.exe -ep WindowsHelp id SearchDiagnostic

This opens up the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter. I then clicked on "Advanced" to reload this troubleshooter in Admin elevated mode. Then when prompted with a list of reasons to troubleshoot, I selected the first one: "Can't Start a search or see results", after finishing this process, it is fixed.

Solution Source: Microsoft (Solution #2)

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Chinese Hymns

Here I shall collected all Chinese great hymns:

词:冯永梁 曲: 金培达


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Can a king/president rule/run the country as a faithful Christian?

Stephen Tong would give a resounding YES!!!

I remember the pastor of my church GCC claimed that this is not possible. Not sure if he would change his mind or simply agree to otherwise once you state "with God, all things are possible". But he would still stick to his original principle that sounded something like: "humans were not designed to be kings or rule other humans", if I paraphrase correctly. His point is probably such that he reserves Jesus as the only one qualified to be the King, while all human not only would fail in imperfection as a king, but I'm sure I didn't misheard that Pastor Chris would go as far as saying no human, not even Adam pre-fall, is meant to be king. But I'm not certain if this is truly the pastor's view, because this comes close to denying the 3 functions (priestly, kingship, prophetic) of human nature, which would be against what is unique in reformed doctrine.

However, Stephen Tong has this down in disagreement:

With one important principle: Yes, one can be a good king, ruling over the nations and his people properly in favor with God, as mere human, following Christ the King, if when the time calls for it, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the Lord. Daniel and his friends were excellent examples! Though Elijah was not a king or ruler, his character is still a worthy study: to stand against the king. To see through the conflict of two kingdoms: "God's authority manifesting in human kingdoms" ~ by Daniel.

This is spot on.

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Paul Washer Owns Steve Lawson

Came across this video on FB, loved it.

And my comment:
Let me word this as carefully as I can lest itchy hearts try to twist it:
It is one thing to be a prima donna on stage or pulpit; it is another to desire to lead other hearts to God, be it on stage or not.
PS: Don't bother to remove this video, as I have already copied it. Cheers.

Lawson asked why Washer was late to the conference, Paul replied that he has a good answer to that, which is the greatest exception to virtually anything (except for meeting the Lord - 4th wiseman doesn't work here, Henry Van Dyke, but that's another topic): That he was doing his missionary work to a young lady.

There's no excuse for the cheeky remark by Lawson, even if he were to kid, he should have led with "were you evangelizing to somebody" rather than "having a coffee". This only shows that Lawson's heart was not into evangelism. Great speaker in the pulpit maybe, but not a great worker in the mission field, at least not at this stage. Sounds harsh, but it is what it is. Am I better than Lawson for seeing this? Not necessarily, but I wish to be. May God have mercy upon me. Amen!

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Journal of the Week

1/25/2024 Lumiere is google's AI text to video platform with many more features such as image to video, stylized sample to videos, etc. However, as far as I know, this is still in research stage. It's not marketed to the public yet.

Reverse engineering Storyboarding: Someone used AI (ChatGPT) to create a simple storyboard. I had a very basic idea of what storyboard is. By this reverse understanding from the AI usage to create simple storyboard, I think I get a better feel of what it really is about: It does seem to really be a comic artist drawing stories as blueprint of productions (movies, commercials, etc.)

1/24/2024 Using powershell to do Microsoft Office 365 commands: bulk delete user accounts. Quick and easy (the authentication process with powershell has gotten a lot simpler in the script:

Import-CSV D:\ADSample\AllUsers.csv | Foreach-Object { Remove-AzureADUser -ObjectId $_.UserPrincipalName }

Received the annual Tax Assessor's 2024 assessment of our property:
From $7728.16 to $8133.79, that's 5.2% increment. But seeing how we are receiving the NJ ANCHOR check of $1000 for "low income" family (which I had to manually apply a couple years ago) annually automatically, starting last year, and we did get the check, I'm not going to complain too much about this, but I should pay attention to the rate of property tax increase.

1/22/2024 Can Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies be tracked? PhD Sarah Meiklejohn appears to have solved the anonymity of such. The work is too deep for me, so I'm not going to look into it. But if this is true, then the popularity of Cryptocurrencies may drop significantly. Not necessarily completely, because Crypto is still good for decentralization, but who's to say that the governments won't use Meiklejohn's work and the likes to crack down on not only anonymity but also turning something decentralized into centralized with much enforcement. However, if I'm ever skeptical of this, it would probably has something to do with what level of access one has in the blockchains and such to trace or identify the other users, in that the required level of access could be abnormally (you would have to steal, spy, peek, force entry, or something crossing the line of legality or ethic) given in order for the trace to work.

Advice on Resume & LinkedIn profile building. I haven't done much for my resume, much less my LinkedIn profile.

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Bible Study: 1 Kings

This is mainly following the Chinese church 湖東基督教會 LECC small group 恩友团契 in Seattle which I remote in every Friday night at 11pm.

Since the suggested material used (BSF 2023 Spring - People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided) doesn't start until chapter 11 of 1 Kings, our resources for the first 10 chapters are pretty much arbitrary, nobody knows who's using what sources when it's their turn to lead the study. So it's rather risky business in addition to this rotating Bible leading roster. But since there aren't many good Chinese Bible studies/fellowships out there that I could really rely on, this would have to do for now.

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Classical Pieces I should at least master


Nocturnes, Op.9
No.1 in B Flat Minor
No.2 in E flat
24 Preludes, Op.28 - 4.Largo in E-

Erik Satie:

Domenico Scarlatti:

Kinderszenen, Op.15,
1.Von fremden Landern und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands and People)
7.Traumerei (Dreaming)
Album für die Jugend, Op.68 (Album for the Young) Meant as teaching tool, but not much good songs I like for the moment:
Part 1: Für Kleinere - 10.Frohlicher Landmann, von der Arbeit zuruckkehrend
Part 1: Für Kleinere - 14.Kleine Studie


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Learning Hebrew

Both modern and Biblical here. But not sure how I will determine the difference. Duolingo has a crappy (not all are voiced) lesson on Hebrew, but that's the best so far as far as organized free lesson goes.

Keyboard Layout:

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