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Journal of the Week

5/2/2024 This is certainly the fastest way to transplant nursery plants: long handled bulb/plant planter transplanter. 5/1/2024 Printing music with CSS Grid. I love writing music, I love doing this on the computer. Perhaps this is worth learning. The … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

3/21/2024 NYC perverted law: If squatters lived for 30 days in a house, they are legal residence of the house, the owner who reported them gets herself arrested: 3/20/2024 Receiving Godaddy's Hosting Renewal email reminder $119.88/year for Web Hosting Economy … Continue reading

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Journal of the Week

12/7/2023 Vectorized Emoji library for the web. Sliced Text Effect (demo included) - animation as you scroll down the webpage. Fun for long pages. How to build a Javascript Framework by Nolan Lawson. At least someone cared to explore this. … Continue reading

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Data Science

I'm looking into for because of interest in things like creating A.I. for stock, forex, etc. And this young genius-but-foul-mouthed-weirdo whom I follow, just created a funny video: Long story short: He gave his goldfish $50k to trade stock, and … Continue reading

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Human Calculator - Scott Flansburg

Proposing a new calendar. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out but he seems legit with his math skills.

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2020 savings tips For Pete's Sake, Quit SmokingThis might make some people upset to hear, but it's time to quit smoking. Not only is it hazardous to your health, but it's costing you and your family a fortune. Smoking one pack per … Continue reading

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Hybrid Images The answer is hybrid images.

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The City College CUNY Class: MATH 34500 Number Theory

Professor Jay Jorgenson Starting with modular arithmetic. Ascii code for ≡ is 240. (Alt-240). No need Latex for this. ± is 241. ≥ is 242. ≤ is 243. And I think I'll use % for mod. Simpler.

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Finding Cube Root of Real Numbers

There is a lot of sites online showing you how to find cube root of a perfect cube, provided the cubic root is less than 1000. This method requires the memorization of 10 cubes from 1 to 10. This is … Continue reading

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The City College CUNY Class: MATH 32400 Advanced Calc. II

Professor: Thea Pignataro Read Ross secs 13, 21 & 22. Review linear algebra: Subspace, spanning set, linear independence, dimension, basis, kernel, range, std. basis, affine subspace. Prof's notes on, mirror: link1 Sec. 1.6 Def: a normed real vect. space. (Theorem … Continue reading

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