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The California Trip - A Second Time

Last year was the first time: Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This year, we have my brother-in-law's family joining. Starting from last Saturday June 18th 2022. June 18: 9-10pm - Arrived in San Francisco Airport. Stayed at Hotel 1550. 1550 … Continue reading

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On the Fundamentalist - Reformed America of Today

So that happened, when during the discussion of John's Gospel during today's Bible study on GCC Zoom, I was able to ascertain more of the pastor, though not as successful as I would have liked, through series of questioning. Unless … Continue reading

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6/16: When discussing health insurance, Nadia told me that Willy suggested that I should ask for a raise. I rejected the notion at first. But now come to think of it, I think it's despicable. Salary based on the worth … Continue reading

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Music Composition - Accompaniment

This could be a good starting point:

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Sunday Service Recap (6/12/2022) GCC

On Statement 11: Friendship of the Ad Interim on sexuality by PCA, I was reminded of YMCA, how I once worked there where GRIOT was, in Brooklyn YWCA. YMCA was supposed to be a Christian organization, but in America, that … Continue reading

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Sunday Service Recap (6/5/2022) GCC

On Exodus 20:13 - You Shall Not Murder. Pastor Chris noted the difference of Murder and Kill. But not extensively. On Purpose of Life - Basile's mention of theology in everything we do, is rather comforting, very reformed, I recalled … Continue reading

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Chrome error for all https SSL sites: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID for Windows 7

Whenever going to any https sites in Chrome or Edge/Explorer, you get the above error. First I thought it was NYGC's network, but turns out to be... Solution turns out to be Windows Update, specifically: Windows 7 KB3004394 x64x86

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Today (6/10/2022) we installed the heavy 86" LG TV: 86UN9070AUD. I finally put my paranoia that the studs (wooden or something else) wouldn't hold this 100 lbs. TV because they were so easily drilled into. But so far so good, … Continue reading

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Vocabulary: Urbane

Kathy’s Word of the Week Weekly Brain Food brought to you by our CHRO urbane Pronunciation: ur-beyn Definition: suave and sophisticated As used in a sentence: Someone who is urbane is polite and appears comfortable in social situations.

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Latin Pronunciation

Starts with pronunciation: Classical vs. Ecclesiastical/church Latin vs. (English) Latin, by Dwane Thomas on his Youtube Series. Latin Letters Classical Pronunciation Ecclesiastical Pronunciation C Kuh Classical unless before: e,i,ae,y => ch G as in Gigi Classical unless before: e,i,ae,y => … Continue reading

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