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Restaurants near South Amboy or in New Jersey

Burger King on Rt. 9 is not bad, though some times they are unusually slow, not fast food at all. Perhaps their drive through is faster. Also, it's usually better with the weekly/monthly coupons we receive in the mail. Tried … Continue reading

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Geography: Rwanda

Since one at church is from Rwanda, I figure I would look it up. What's the connection with people there having French name and such. East Africa, bounded by land: Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi & DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) … Continue reading

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Learning ancient Greek and Latin Languages

Resources according to WTS syllabus (Latin by Professor Rester's): Free online: GREEK Easy to understand tutorial on Greek: LATIN Learn to Read Latin by Andrew Keller Second Latin: Preparation for the Reading of Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law … Continue reading

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Microsoft planning to unify all apps (ie. Outlook client) into the web. I felt it, told people about it at work, also because I got sick of them having problem with Outlook clients and not knowing how to use it, … Continue reading

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GIF converter and AE (After Effects) (even able to contain thousands of color) A good resource in LinkedIn Learning, I skimmed through it to see all its feature:

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Extra Calvinisticum

This has been brought up in my discussion with Alex on the Impeccability of Christ before and other minor issues. But I wasn't paying attention to the term until I came across the Reformed Forum Podcast on it. Bought the … Continue reading

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The Formula of Prayer in the Economy of Redemption

We pray to the Father, in the name of the Son, through the Holy Spirit. This is the general prayer. There were prayers to the Son. But no prayers to the Holy Spirit. Some discussions can be found: 1.

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Evangelism with love

I came across this from Facebook and two thoughts came to my mind: To give all credit, glory to God, avoid the temptation of self glory. Reflect on how to love sinners in Evangelism. How did I get perceived as … Continue reading

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Country Violin - Fiddle Folk

This is a genre that I have learn by hear. It's American South, it's Irish, simple, a fiddle. Some good resources: Good starters: Swallowtail Jig & Irish Washerwoman.

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Things that breaks through a person's fake toughness

In 2015, touching moment when Judge Mindy Booth recognized that the seemingly unrepentant criminal Arthur Booth was her old classmate and said something very irrelevant in the courtroom and broke him down. Preachers have done that throughout history through supernatural … Continue reading

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