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Extra Calvinisticum

This has been brought up in my discussion with Alex on the Impeccability of Christ before and other minor issues. But I wasn't paying attention to the term until I came across the Reformed Forum Podcast on it. Bought the … Continue reading

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Dream: After effect of Vacationing with Tom's Family

Last night I dreamed probably still on vacation with Tom's family. But I only remember Tom and Brian. And the only thing left in my memory was my home in Penang, where I tried to change or something in my … Continue reading

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Bible Study: 2 Samuel

This study was originally inspired by my access to Sermons on 2 Samuel by John Calvin, translated by Douglas Kelly. I used to go to the library to transcribe this. But now that I have bought the book, which is … Continue reading

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Python: ADD (+) vs. INPLACE_ADD (+=) vs. extend() for LIST

Today's Python series by Jake Gober led me to consider why there's difference between concatenate (+) two lists to the same variable and using the extend() function on the list. The answer is ADD (+) creates a new list, I … Continue reading

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Sunday Service Summary 2022-02-06

Since I don't have enough time to delve into Revelation (in Sunday School), or Hebrews, because I need more time to start these from scratch again, using Stephen Tong's Hebrews expository and do more research into Revelation. But here are … Continue reading

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绝对是罪,但我不太强烈追踪。 这是现代华人文化所提倡的不良习惯。張逸萍(Lois Chan) 曾对竹君,邱清泰夫妇认为撒娇是属灵生命操练的实际,作出批评 (我将其作文在comment区重贴,以免它网页被狗)。撒娇不是圣经所讲的温柔。 我也在以后有机会问唐崇荣的列题页,加了此问题。但Google搜查上,唐崇荣几乎每题到“撒娇”这词,都是在罪的范围。如:不让孩子随便哭,免得撒娇,有人误解约翰在主怀里撒娇,不当主为王而撒娇,等。 除了一次,唐崇荣希伯来书第127讲 (=第151录影片):约翰是门徒中间最年轻的,他很怕跟耶稣疏远一点,就有一些话听不见了,所以他亲近耶稣到一个地步,有时候把他的头放在他的怀里,不是只有小小的孩子,还五、六岁的时候,有时候跑到妈妈怀抱中间撒娇吗?约翰是撒娇的孩子。一个在主面前常常撒娇,常常愿意最亲近,细心听每一个细节,每一个最小的声音的人,这些人很容易明白上帝的旨意。(不知唐崇荣在此用词不当,不然不会在别处说这同样情况是他人误解)。 英文没有一词可翻成撒娇。但最靠近的意思是:Behave like a spoiled child。但因此翻不够准确,有人将这词在英文归三划:1. Whiny, 2. Lovey-Dovey, 3. Being Cute. 撒娇出自明张四维《双烈记·引狎》:“专会撒娇使性,那管我债重家倾。” 那是明朝时代 (1368年―1644年)。我想这因此为亚洲独特风格,起点是负面的。但今有时则被视为可爱美丽。常常在漫画里有特意表答方式。也许因此也吸引西方年轻一代,特别是那些漫画族。 虽然 張逸萍大大指责对撒娇视为属灵操练的看法,为耍手段以争取美德的虚诈,但她错在把撒娇结论为不是罪过。可能她把撒娇混渣与罗曼蒂克,而罗曼蒂克没有得罪神。所以,在Lovey-Dovey, 我不用撒娇,因为他不一定是撒娇,则用谈恋爱。撒娇还是有点幼稚,虚假,自私。也许这是为什么亚洲人家庭文化通常在成熟,慷慨事上,比不上西方人。

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On the History of Thanksgiving in America

I need to look into the validity of some claims. The conservatives maintained only the positive side of the history, that the Indians (Native Americans) and the English pilgrims were friends and Thanksgiving day is to remember that. While the … Continue reading

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Will there be male and female in heaven? Questions on Sex

This is a question I am still wondering. Stephen Tong believes there will not be distinction of man and woman: I'm likely differ from Tong about this. The way I see it, Jesus only mentioned no marriage, but not no … Continue reading

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Right or Wrong to Work in Office During Covid

Great talk. The two who talked at first were declaring how good work from home is until David finally interjected. A few notes: David: Hopefully this is a temporary thing, not normal. It's not just about effectiveness/productivity. School employees should … Continue reading

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Aquarium Update (6/22/2021): The group of stocks that died...I think

I think the Fluval light helped a bit. PAR is around 50-150 depending on depth. Before the Fluval, the Aqueon light was doing virtually zero, 30 tops and that is out of water very close to the light. The frags … Continue reading

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